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Sunday, August 30, 2015


***Here's the BIG news I've been promising!***

I'm thrilled to announce that I have teamed up with L.G. Pace III (Carved Hearts series, Vigilance) to coauthor Oculus, a brand new series. The first book, Oculus, is scheduled to release December 29, 2015. This three-book series is a dystopian romance that chronicles the lives of Sicarius and Iris and all the steam, love, tragedy, suspense, loss and inconceivable circumstance that has been packed into this series. Mark your calendar. On December 29th, you’ll have to take a "Sic day".

Most people only believe in what they can see. Born without the most basic gift of sight, I rely on my other senses to guide me. Yet, what I believe in most is a phantom that resides in my dreams.
Under the blanket of twilight, I smell him. I feel him. I hear him. I taste him. But above all else, I see him.
And I want him.
I have no evidence that he’s real. But if he isn’t, why do I wake with the taste of him on my lips? I long for someone who doesn’t exist and even if he does, he’s forbidden, dangerous.
He’s from a different world, a frightening place beyond the walls that protect me. The Dark Lands, a broken world beyond the reach of the corporate control is what’s outside the gate. A lawless hellhole full of death and chaos, where savagery thrives under the cloak of darkness.
The irony is that my phantom, the one I want so badly, seems driven to destroy everything I’ve ever known.

Add Oculus on Goodreads: http://tinyurl.com/ovyscvz
RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2015
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A breakup letter...

            Two years ago I said goodbye to a woman who I had known for a long time. She and I spent so much time together. Too much time together. Years! She was a broken woman fighting demons far bigger than her and I felt burdened by having her around. I was unkind to her. I thought so little of her. It wasn’t nice. It wasn’t right. I needed to be honest with her. It was a toxic relationship. So… we broke up. This is the letter I wrote to that demon stricken woman in hopes that she'd find a way to rid herself of some of those demons. Or, at least, coexist with them peacefully. I think she figured it out ;)

 Dear Self,

There are some things you should know.

Know the difference between what you want and what you need. It’s okay to cry. It’s not okay to quit. Cry when you need to. Get it out. Get back to your feet. Don’t be afraid to fail. There are so many other things in this world worth being fearful of and failure isn’t one of them. You are your greatest ally. Don’t settle or resign yourself to less than what you want. Commit yourself to what’s important and never quit. You aren’t perfect. Stop pretending to be. Stop trying to be. Revel in your flaws. They make you, you. “What if” is a dangerous way of thinking. Don’t plague yourself with it. Listen to your gut. Your gut is smart. Be someone that you can be proud of. Whatever “it” is, let “it” go. You weren’t meant to cling to “it” like you do. Forgive. Overanalyzing things can skew your judgment. Refrain from over thinking. Most things in life are beyond your control. Revenge feels great but it’s never a good idea. Inspiration is everywhere. Look at it. You’re not responsible for the actions of others. When in doubt… breathe. You’ll be old before you know it. Start enjoying life. Giving up on your self is the worst brand of betrayal. You’ll regret it every time. Admit your mistakes then let it go. Taking time to appreciate small things can make a big difference. Thinking too much about the future can be overwhelming. You can get lost in the “not knowing.” In which case, return to yourself and think only about the present. You get what you give so be generous. Don’t be afraid to gamble but do it wisely. Take risks. The reward can be well worth the risk and even when it’s not the knowledge of your own courage is reward enough. Soak it up. Explore options. Saying things in anger almost always results in guilt. Believe in yourself and the world will too. Or they won’t. Either way, it doesn’t matter because you are your greatest fan. It’s not narcissistic. It’s necessary. A victory is a victory no matter the scale or significance. Don’t push people away or one day you’ll find that they have stopped coming around. If you have to spend more than three seconds deciding if you are making the right choice, chances are, you are making the wrong choice. Know your limitations and accept them. Make no apologies for those limitations. It is what it is. There is a big difference between your head and your heart. Figure it out. Be honest with yourself. Always. Don’t worry with being unkind to yourself. So many people in this world will do a fine job of being mean to you. Don’t do them any favors by adding to the insults. It’s good to hope. It’s not fanciful or naïve. Control negativity or it will control you. Explore your world. See things through. It doesn’t matter if it’s something huge or something insignificant. It’s important and gratifying to be a person of your word. Anything worth doing is worth doing the right way. Enjoy what you can. Life is hard enough, don’t you think? Have faith in something. A faithless world is a desolate sort of place that no one should ever have to endure living in. Set goals. Hold yourself accountable. Holding grudges is exhausting. Never dismiss yourself. Be decisive. Let go of the past or it will dictate the future. Play to your strengths. Know yourself. Spend time really getting to know yourself like you’d spend time getting to know a new love. There is beauty in heartache. It reminds you that you are still human. Embrace it. Challenge yourself. Don’t make excuses. Never compromise yourself, your dreams, your morals, your dignity, or your self-worth. No commodity could ever be worth having if this is the price.


What would your letter to yourself say?  
Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So... it's Teaser-Tuesday and I've got a little bit of Vital Sign for everyone. This book is set to release on April 11th! Only one month to go. Side note---> Incidentally, while writing Vital Sign I ran across an Indie artist named Mathew Mayfield. LOVE his music and highly suggest you RUN to buy your album/s now. Anyway, here is your teaser. Enjoy, lovies. 
Vital Sign 
I use to have a great life. My little world was bright. I had no complaints. My perfectly simple life made the fall from grace that much more devastating. I plummeted from the heavenly little bubble that I shared with Jake. I fell fast and hard straight into the fiery pits of hell. The knowledge of how things use to be is a bitter sweet torture that refuses me even one moment of respite. I live in a painful reverie that I can’t escape. I had it good once.
That’s gone now. All of it disappeared like vapor into the ether. I’m a lost woman, wondering through grief and struggling to come to terms with my new title; widow. My family says I need understanding and closure. I say a cigarette and a bottle of wine is a much better option for instant gratification.
I’m the awkward depressed one standing in the corner making everyone around me miserably uncomfortable. I’m the one with vacant eyes that society strives to help but can’t. I’m the one who hands out tight smiles and derisive snorts. I’m the widow adrift in this world with no direction. No meaning. No hope. No vital sign.
Sadie sets out on a journey to healing without knowing that things will get far worse before they get better. Despite her general indifference to organ donation she finds herself on a journey to seek out the only people who benefited from her husband’s tragic death.
Resentment runs rampant as she meets the thriving, organ recipients. Anger and jealousy spiral, sending the delicate structure of Sadie’s emotions into a tailspin.
Alexander McBride got a second chance--one that he didn’t necessarily want. Alexander is a game changer for Sadie. She hates him for his health but can’t help feeling at home in his presence. He soothes her grief in a way that is intoxicating; addictive even.
The heart that once fell in love with her now resides in Alexander McBride’s chest. It’s a circumstance that forces her to wage an internal war fueled by grief, anger, guilt, love, lust, and loyalty.
Sadie must discover the things that are vital to going on with her life if she has any hope of finding her way through the all-consuming grief that dominates every waking moment.

goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18687833-vital-sign

“Don’t worry. It’s solid. Doesn’t look that way to everyone else, but I know different,” Zander asserts from where he has stopped only feet from me. He has turned to face me, leaning against the same railing that my fingers are resting on. His light brown hair tousled and a single lock hanging lazily over his eyebrow. Something powerful, yet perfectly silent sheaths my mind and it’s as if Zander knows that I, somehow, relate to this boardwalk in a way that I related to the beach. Somehow he knows that a part of me wants this boardwalk to last forever even in its weathered condition.

A flicker of hope resonates through me, praying that maybe if this boardwalk could last an eon of high seas, easterly winds, and berating rains then maybe there is a chance for me too. It’s my hope. It’s my ardent prayer. My silent mantra. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Announcement time

I said I’d make a big announcement today, so here it is. Accept Me may be pushed back. Now, before you go throwing tomatoes, and booing me, let me explain. This…

is Emma. Emma is the daughter of one of my very good friends. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on May 11th 2013 (Mother’s day weekend).
Her mother, Nicole, is a dear friend who I intend on helping in the only way I know how.

I can’t cure cancer, I can’t fast forward to happier times, but I can write a book and give all the proceeds to Emma and Nicole to help them kick Leukemia ass. How does this tie into the Wrecked series you ask? That’s where it’s a win-win for everyone. This novel is a spinoff of the Wrecked series. The MC is Brian/Brianna’s older sister and she has one hell of a story to share. That’s right. More of Damon, Jo, Grams, Brian, Noni, and Hemingway! Accept Me won’t be far behind this one but I will be getting this novel wrapped up first. I am thinking late summer-early fall for the release of Accept Me. I hope that I can count on you all to understand and help spread the word about this. We all love a good read and I can’t think of a better reason to buy a book than the smiling faces in these two pictures. I appreciate you all for helping in this effort. If you would like to follow Team Emma on FB here is the link. XO-Jaimi https://www.facebook.com/teamemma2013/info
Monday, May 13, 2013

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cheer up!

I'm giving some stuff away and it's snippet time!
I really hate that so many of you are disappointed about the delay that Restore Me is facing. I'm frustrated too. The delay is not something that I take lightly. I love my readers, so letting anyone down is a major upset for me. I can't say it enough; I am working hard to get Restore Me and Accept Me out there. Many of you may be wondering what is going on? Why is it stalled? I will tell you what I can. The series is being considered by a few publishers at the moment, and at this point I had to hold off on publishing Restore Me in order to handle the business end of everything. It's impossibly tough to make these decisions. Just know that my loyalty is to the many readers who took a chance on a new author by reading my books. I will keep everyone updated on any new developments as they come about. Thank you all for being so supportive and kind these last couple of weeks. That being said... lets give some stuff away and see what Grams is up to!


Restore Me by J.L. Mac

“Good morning, Mrs. Cole.” Holy shit!  I look away from the man that just entered the room and glance to a beaming Grams. No wonder she’s waiting on him. I would too.

“Oh, Andy! How many times do I have to tell you to call me Bee? My friends call me Bee so you should too.” I gape at grams flirting with the gorgeous muscled up man standing near the door. He has a tool belt hanging from his narrow hips and a tool box gripped in his left hand. Grams winks at him and I can’t help grinning ear to ear watching the scene before me.

“Sorry, Bee. I keep forgetting.” The maintenance man walks further into the room and comes to a stop near the side of Gram’s bed where I’m sitting.

“Andy, this is Josephine. Josephine, this is Andy. The best handy man in town. Not too bad on the eyes either. Is he?” I feel myself blush enough for all of us and make note of her jab with using my full name. An eye for an eye I guess.  

“Hi, Andy. Call me Jo.” Andy’s dark blue eyes land on me as I offer him my hand. He smiles politely and takes my hand. Wow he’s hot!

“Nice to meet you, Jo. I like your name.” I nod and smile politely in return.

“Yeah it’s not bad I guess. It could be worse. I could be named Beatrice or something fucking awful like that.” I smile sardonically at Grams. She sticks her tongue out at me. I glance up at the tall, blue eyed hunk to see his eyes are as wide as dinner plates. It’s good to see I haven’t lost my affect on people. My mouth is still filthy and locked and loaded with plenty of smart ass remarks.

“Uh, I guess I should change that light bulb for you, Mrs. C-Bee.” Andy is caught in the same room with two tenacious snarky women. The poor sucker. I smile wide at Grams and she belts out a witchy cackle. Andy walks over the light fixture on the wall and begins working on removing the shade. His light brown hair catches the light coming through the window and seems to almost glitter. If I were not utterly and completely in love, I’d be giving him my number right now.

“Is this who you were waiting for?” I say in a whisper as I lean in towards Grams. Her wicked smile tells me she is up to no good whatsoever.

“You bet. I think he wants to get fresh with me,” She whispers and nods. I shake my head at the brazen old bat.

“And how do you know this?”

“Edith, my snotty neighbor always calls in work orders to get him to come to her room and most the time someone else goes but when I call, Andy comes. Every time.” I furrow my brows in disbelief.

“I take it you aren’t friends with Edith?” Grams scoffs indignantly.

  “I wouldn’t be caught dead being in cohorts with that floozy! She manages to chase off just about every good looking staff member here. It’s her one crazy eye they can’t stand.”

“What?!” I screech as a fit of laughter rips through me. Both of us cackle unabashed like two gossipy witches.

“She has a funny eye. If she isn’t wearing those thick glasses of hers it tends to wander this direction.” Grams brings one finger up to her face and mimics which direction said lazy eye wanders. It’s fucking ridiculous but a much needed break from my own thoughts.

“It’s a damned soap opera up in here,” I sputter out between gasps for air.

“You got that right honey. Instead of The Young and The Restless we got The Old and The Worthless!” Grams caps off her quip by popping a circus peanut candy in her mouth.

“Want one?” She extends the bag to me and a grab a few. I lean back in my seat and prop my feet on the side of Grams bed. We sit there watching Andy work to change the light bulb.  Definitely needed this little break from reality.

“Bee, you’ve got some scuff marks up here on the wall. I could get some paint and take care of that.” We both glance up to his face instead of his ass as he turns to face us.

“Oh yes, that’s gotta be fixed then. Can you come back tomorrow?” Andy smiles politely and nods.  The old bat really has no shame. I wonder if I’m as bad as her. Andy gathers his things and approaches Grams bed.

“It was nice to meet you, Jo.” He extends his hand and I take it for a friendly shake. As we shake his thumb stokes over the back of my hand. I smile at the handsome forward bastard. Our hands slip apart he turns to leave.
“See you tomorrow,” he tosses over his shoulder as he walks out of the suite. I turn and gape at Grams.

“What the hell was that?”

“Guess my man might have an eye for you, Jo.” Grams shrugs and pops another peanut in her mouth. I narrow my eyes on her. There is no telling what’s going through that head of hers. I focus my eyes on the wall across the room to see the grayish scuffs Andy mentioned.

“How did scuff marks get on your wall at eye level?”

“What? Oh, yes. My cane.” Her response is as blasé as it could possibly be.

“What?” She has me confused now.

“I may or may not have whacked the wall with my cane a few times so that Mister Tight Buns would have to come see me.” She shrugs and flips open the magazine in her lap while mowing down another peanut. She really does eat a ton of those damn things. It’s a fucking miracle she’s not gargantuan.

“Wow, grams. Seriously?” She winks at me and swipes her finger across the magazine to turn another page.

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Indie author, J.L. Mac is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Wrecked series, Seven Years of Bad Luck, Vital Sign and Oculus (co-written with LG Pace III). Beginning with her debut novel in January 2013, J.L. Mac has self-published seven novels and has collectively sold more than 100,000 e-books to date. J.L. Mac's upcoming Social Series is highly anticipated and is set to release late spring 2016. When J.L. was five years old, she came home from school and told her mother that she was ready to quit just as soon as her kindergarten year was complete. When her mother asked why she wanted to quit school when she had only just begun, J.L. simply told her mother that she could now read and write and that was all she needed. Though she did not quit school, she turned out to be right. Having successfully written and published seven novels in three years, J.L. has become a household name in the Indie community with multiple bestsellers, audio editions and foreign editions of numerous titles. J.L. Mac lives in El Paso, Texas with her husband and three children. 

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