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Thursday, January 3, 2013

24 Days until the release of Seven Years of Bad Luck! OH MY!

So in 24 short days SYBL will be in the hot little hands of the public! I am very excited and I want you all to be excited too sooo...it's teaser time lovies! *Note. The second teaser is edited to be teaser friendly*

“Kathleen.” I stopped and turned to face him. 


“Join me for dinner?” 

Yes! I squealed inwardly. “What did you have planned?” Inside I was excited to spend private time with Ben but I managed to pull off a cool exterior. Ben's lips turned up into a grin. 

“Dinner. I will pick you up in, say…an hour.” 

“Okay Ben.” I smiled shyly and strutted out of his office then all but skipped like a school girl to my car. I was thoroughly enjoying my new job, more specifically, my new boss and lover. Ben arrived at my house on time as always. The moment I opened the apartment door to him he waltzed right past me. “Uh, come on in Ben, please.” I said with as much petulance as I could muster. 

“Which room is yours?” His pointed question was his only response to my sarcasm. 

“My room?” I asked as I sashayed past him heading towards my private space. Ben followed without answering my rhetorical question. Once he crossed the threshold of my bedroom he surveyed my space quickly and immediately went to my closet. “Hey!” I cried out standing by my bed. “What in the world are you doing?” 

“Packing your bag.” His voice was flat and his eyes never came to mine. He was so handsome walking with authority in the clothes he wore to work. Navy blue suit that fit him flawlessly. Crisp white shirt with a deep red tie that he had since rid himself of. A few of the top buttons of his shirt were undone showing a bit of skin that I instantly wanted to put my mouth on. 


He kept moving through my room, throwing clothes and other random things into a small bag he found in my closet. “You’re staying the night with me.” 

“I am not! You didn’t even bother asking me.” I crossed my arms over my chest indignantly and scowled.

“Why bother asking? You would surely refuse even though I know you want to be in my bed as bad I want you there. So, I went around the problem. I’m taking you home with me. My home.”

Oh my. “Damn you Ben! You can’t just…just do… that!” I flung my hand outward towards the whole of him. He stopped and his heated eyes landed on me lighting my body on fire. My stomach stirred down low and my breathing stuttered. He dropped the bag in his hand and stalked toward me. He gripped my hips, turned my body and pushed me flush against the wall. His lips were millimeters from mine. He gathered my hands in his, pulled them above my head and pinned my wrists against the wall. His solid body held mine firm.

“I have to look at your sweet ass all day at work knowing exactly what’s under those clothes. Hours of teasing. Every time you walk in or out of my office you tease me. Your perfume teases me. All of you teases me. Having you all night is the only way to survive not having you all day. You’re coming home with me.” He growled seductively. My stomach flipped. “I take what’s mine. I do what I want with what’s mine and this…” He grasped my wrists with one of his large hands freeing up the other. His free hand went between my thighs and cupped my already aroused center. “…is mine. You said it yourself, Kathleen. Don’t you remember? Or perhaps you need to be reminded.” 

“I...I…was under duress. That’s not fair.” I whispered breathlessly while his hand began making slow enticing movements between my thighs. 

“I would hardly call multiple orgasms during exquisite sex, duress, Kathleen.” He smirked arrogantly. 

“You want me in your bed? Bad?” I asked. Bens only response was a subtle chuckle and a slight shake of his head. Then he released me. My arms fell to my side and my legs wobbled slightly. Damn he is good! I had to admit, if what he did to me was in fact, duress, I didn’t mind being under duress. All. The. Time. 

“You already have things at my house and if you need anything else, I will buy it. Let’s go.” His hand swept mine from my side and tugged my pliant body forward, towards the door. Just like that, I was off to Ben’s house, again.


My chest feels heavy. Very heavy. I’m heaving in and out trying to catch my breath. Who’s there? I can hear voices but I can’t see anything. I beg my eyes to open and they do but there must be cloth over my eyes because I still can’t see a thing. The cloth is scratchy across my eyes like burlap and I realize that the same type of cloth is stuffed into my mouth. I can’t only breathe through my nose and the fact that I can’t catch my breath with just the use of my nose is scaring me. I’m covered in a cold sweat. My heart is pounding hard against my breastbone. I can feel that my wrists are bound but my hands still shake viciously. A fear induced whimper escapes my lips.  I’m so scared. Calm down, Kat. Breathe in. Breathe out. I must be having a panic attack. I am so frightened I feel like I might be sick but I push the nausea down, deep. My mouth is stuffed with cloth that tastes like dust so getting sick is not an option. I strain to hear the faint voices around me. I hear men. Three maybe four different male voices. I hear footsteps approaching me and I let out a muffled blood curdling scream from behind the dusty cloth shoved in my mouth. A hard thud rings through my ears and vibrates through my skull. Despite my hindered vision I see brightly colored spots that remind me of highlighter pens. Something warm is on my face. My hands instinctively fight against the bonds that hold them so that I can touch the assaulted area. The warmth is spreading downward. Down to my cheek. Now my jaw. Now my neck. My face feels like it has a heartbeat. I’m bleeding. The warm feeling is blood. There must be a lot of it. I can feel it rolling down the right side of my face and down my neck. I’m crying now. I’m sobbing hard. I can barely breathe. Please, God. I don’t want to die!  I hear the male voices come nearer. I begin hyperventilating. What are they doing? I am trembling. The adrenaline coursing through my veins urges me to fight, to run if given the chance. I know that’s what I’ll do. I will run if I can. I let out another scream from behind the dusty cloth gag. I’m asking for help but the cloth makes me plea indiscernible. Another thud but I don’t feel anything except more warmth running down my face. I’m thankful for the adrenaline racing through my veins. Its pushing me forward. It’s the only thing keeping me going right now. A gravelly voice fills my throbbing left ear and all at once I can smell cigarettes,  liquor and generally foul breath. It smells awful. I want to vomit again but I remind myself to choke the nausea down. No getting sick with a gag crammed in my mouth. The man tells me to quit trying to scream or it’s going to hurt worse. This makes me cry more desperately. Please. Please. Please don’t hurt me. I am begging them from behind the dusty cloth. Please, let me go. He warns me against screaming again and I nod. He tells me that he is going to remove my blind fold and I force myself to calm down. I have to figure out where I am and how to get away. The foul breathed man jerks the cloth from my eyes and I blink rapidly to clear my vision. Blood has seeped into my right eye causing my vision to stay blurry but my left eye has cleared. I can see. I am in a dark space that has an echo and a bright light beams down on just me. Must be a large room. A garage maybe. I quickly scan the room but can’t see beyond the light that is beaming down on me like a spot light. I look down a my feet. It’s a smooth concrete floor that my feet limply rest against. The large man that I can now see steps off to the side and darkness envelopes him. All of the male voices whisper as they stand just beyond the light that would make them visible to me. They are all cloaked. Cowards. I’m getting angry more than scared now. It’s the adrenaline, I’m sure but I don’t care. I don’t think I am going to get out of here. They are going to kill me. I can feel it. Yet the cowards won’t show their faces. They are hiding beyond the shadows that conceal them so well. Cowards! I scream from behind my dusty gag. They laugh at me. Laughing! Sick, disgusting, cowards! I hear the clicking of what must be dress shoes. One set. Wait, two sets of clicking dress shoes against the concrete slab floor.  I see the shape of a tall man come into focus. He walks toward me and I can see his face clearly now. I want to scream, cry, gasp and get sick all at once but can’t. I have stopped breathing and the only thing that jars me from my shocked gaze is the pain squeezing my lungs, demanding oxygen. Breathe! I draw in air through flared nostrils.......    
....... I scream at him but he says nothing to me. His lips turn up into a grin and I am sure that he is enjoying seeing me bound and bleeding. He wants me dead. The scenario in front of me makes my blood run cold. The other set of dress shoes peeping out into the circle of light around me walk forward to stand beside him. I blink rapidly again. I can’t believe my eyes...  
... I scream at him but he does little more than stair at me with a narcissistic expression on his face.  ...I am sobbing so hard. I can’t breathe. 
...His voice sounds so cold and evil. Please, I’m sorry! I’m screaming. I can’t breathe at all now. I am choking. I feel something clawing at my chest. I feel close to the end. Everything has gone black.

*gasp* ;) -J.L.


  1. Sweet-tart+Bell ct.=Sweet-Tart Bell for my exotic dancer name....Lol!!!!


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      Nice name!!!lol

  3. Kit Kat Dee
    I'm thinking I could actually roll with that one! LOL