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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snippet. This one is a real teaser ;)

Here is official snippet #2. Things change during editing but I hope this doesn't. Hope you guys enjoy.

      Soft music filled the space around us. The song was Blue In Green by Miles Davis. One of my favorites. “Dance with me, Kathleen.” I broke the trance that the photo had on me and looked at Ben. He seemed to be staring at me like I had stared at the photo above his mantle. He had rid himself of his jacket and tie. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top showing just a glimpse of skin. I nodded my head and Ben’s arms encased me. He pulled me close to his body. My breathing stalled when one of his hands left my bare back and his large hand cupped my face and neck while he leaned toward me and rested his forehead against mine. His hold on me was purely intimate and despite my apprehension, I dissolved under his willful touch. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply and I followed suit. I shoved away my own personal fears and allowed the fire that burned between Ben and I to battle away the darkness that loomed over me for so long. We were a human, living, breathing version of the photo above his mantle that I was so taken with. We danced slowly while the strains of soft jazz filled our ears and the heat from our bodies pressed together expunged any lingering tension from the ball. I could hear only the music. I could smell only him. I could feel only him. I could see only him. The world fell away and only he and I remained. We stilled. He leaned forward and cupped my face with his other hand and pressed his lips against mine and this time it was not a gentle chaste kiss. I could feel his desire. His soft lips kissed me deeply, passionately. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue slipped across my lips and deep into my mouth. Tasting, searching, longing for more.