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Friday, March 15, 2013

Grab some swag!

I'm excited to share this giveaway and announce that the autographed ereader/tablet sleeves are going to be for sale soon. You can have your favorite authors autograph the sleeve when you go to signings. They come in multiple designs and prints. The Wreck Me shirts will also be available. I will announce when and where these items can be found as soon as things get up and running. Enter the giveaway! Good luck to you all! xoxo-J.L. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks for the giveaway

  2. So I went and shared this on my fb page...yes I know that lessens my chances of winning, lol!! But that is ok! Awesome giveaway! Woot! I have got a pile of girls lined up buying this book so you should get some nice reviews coming through. Deb over at Talk Supe I got her all excited yesterday. Woot!! Awesome read! Loved it!!


  3. Thank you, ladies! You are all awesome!

  4. Wow that tablet pouch is beautiful I need it. Jl THANK YOU for wreck me. One of the only books that had me up all night just waiting to see what happens next. You are truly gifted and talented. Dont ever stop writing girl. Keep the books coming we could all do with indulging into a damon every once and a while

  5. Just got done reading Wreak me. And omg please please tell me you are coming out with a second book for this. I am hoping that you do. It would be sad for it to end like that.